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Aluminium systems – the desire to create a better …

“Biko” The company was established in 2005. In 2014, after the re-branding we have changed the naming, the company’s style.

Company “Techno Alliance” for more than 11 years of successful experience in the aluminum construction market by installing office partitions, facade glazing, conservatories.

During the period of:

– 1577 clients (business and shopping centers, banks, private facilities, etc.);

– 45 000 sq.m. established aluminum construction;

– Production of «Alliance Pro» aluminum profile (for mobile and desktop screens partitions)

-Our partner was the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture;

-Adopts participation in the project “Train-to-NZEB” -preparation of specialists in the construction of buildings close to zero energy consumption.

The product range “Techno-Alliance:

1.Statsionarnye partitions (deaf, combined, glass, all-glass)

2.Mobilnye partitions

3.Razdvizhnye partitions

4.Santehnicheskie partitions

5.Office doors

6.Fasadnoe glazing

7.Window systems

8.Incoming groups

9.Zimnie gardens

10.Rolletnye and door systems.

Why aluminum?

 – Durability
– Easy material
– Strength
– Eco-friendly material.
– Practical and aesthetic appeal.
It is believed that aluminum profiles are a barrier for electromagnetic waves, protecting the people are in the building, and promoting their best state of health.

Your office design should be beautiful and to take into account the characteristics of your business and supplement it.

We help your business find new customers and increase profits. The office, which works like – that’s our job!

We appreciate your comfort.


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