Facade systems

Price from: 4 700 грн м2
AL profiles system, combined system - with steel reinforcement inside the aluminum profiles, reinforced steel frame, wooden laths in the aluminum profiles.
glass (tempered, reinforced, laminated glass (triplex), energy saving)
hinges, handles, lock, door closer (for incoming groups, windows)
Application area:
Glazing of shops, shopping centers, business centers, sports facilities, banks, buildings of social and public values, private houses and cottages.
7 working days
24 months

Facade – the first thing that we see in the building.

Glass facade – a calling card company that attracts visitors, boosting the confidence of business partners, also provides optimal comfort for the job.

Lightweight, strong aluminum facade, which is made of the frame, allow to realize the most daring and sophisticated design and architectural solutions.

Stained glass facades of country houses, cottages, winter gardens, construction of terraces and attics. This kind of facades, not only gives the structure of individual style, but also bring useful benefits, such as durability and reliability design, good properties of heat-saving and sound insulation.

Through the large windows and lots of natural light passes, therefore, lead to savings that are spent on electricity. Recently, external glazing or stained glass is used in private homes, cottages. It is now common stained glass loggia. This allows you to transform a house, make it comfortable and functional. facade design may include a door and windows. In addition, this technology has been successfully used for the construction of winter gardens, arbors and terraces decoration.

Facade glazing, can be classified according to several criteria:

– “Warm” (low conductivity);

– “Cold” (without thermo-insertion);

– “Transition” when the openings in the walls (. Box, etc.) is closed “warm” glazing, blank walls and “cold”, the transitions between these glazing types are blocked by means of insulating inserts.

The types of facade glazing:

Stained glass;
1.Stoechno-solving system.

The design consists of two main elements:

1.Vertikalnaya (carrier) Front – the main load.

2.Gorizontalny supporting bolt element – serves as a support.

Between Glazing profiles attached with rubber seals.

The visible part of the profiles is 50 mm.

2.Strukturnoe glazing.

The system, which provides for mounting of insulating glass to the supporting frame with a special sealant and with a special profile, which should be connected with glass and facade construction. The design provides for racks that are attached to the floor and ceiling beams between the posts set, and only after that is inserted into the cell itself glazed, which should be sealed with a special silicone sealant.

Sealant should choose the color of glass.

Two methods of glass fixture:

Duplex – two sides of the glass are fixed by mechanical fasteners, and two using a sealant.
Quadrilateral – all four sides of the glass are fixed with a sealant.
3.Vitrazhnoe glazing.

This method involves the use of glazing aluminum profiles, and glazing of large dimensions. This is accomplished by means of special clamps to be placed between adjacent panes horizontally and vertically. At the same time it increases the heat and sound insulation in buildings.

All work on the stained-glass windows are held in two stages:

-Pridanie Stained glass desired shape;

-Set In the window openings.

4.Spaydernoe glazing.

The spider system using point fixing of glass. Spider glazing is besprofilnogo glazing technology, which is attached to the system with the help of translucent elements, creating a perfectly flat surface with a maximum effect of light transmission and mirror effect.

Frameless glazing spiders allows you to create a panoramic view inside the structure. At the same time, any spider systems can be strengthened by an invisible force framework, which ensures high reliability of the apparent weightlessness and the fragility of the structure.

Spider – an arm of steel with different decorative qualities. The main elements of the system are:

Basic structure;
spider attachment;
the hinge pins;
With the help of such a system can be made completely frameless glazing facade and give the building a very original look. Glazing made of tempered glass or laminated glass.

Glass for the facade glazing:

The glass used in the glazed facades of buildings has improved impact resistance, thermal conductivity, noise insulation and soundproofing.

-teploizolyatsiya – energy-efficient windows (with drawing on one of the spraying glass);

– Protection from the sun – tinted glass in the mass, reflective (reflective) with a mirror glass type coatings, and energy-saving windows;

-zvukoizolyatsiya – glazing is dependent on:

the number, size and thickness of the glass in the pane;
the thickness of the air gap between the panes;
constant joint.
– Security – use:

– Tempered glass – with the help of heat or chemical treatment increases resistance to shock and temperature changes With the destruction of glass breaks into small safe splinters blunt.

– Reinforced glass – this glass with metal mesh inside; such splinters when broken glass not drop even in the formation of several fissures but held in place by the reinforcement.

– Laminated glass (triplex) – consists of two or more kinds of glass sheets of different thicknesses and, laminated (bonded) with the help of special polyvinyl film or laminating the liquid.

The façade systems are provided doors and windows. The valves can be opened in the usual positions – swivel, tilt and turn and fanlight. If you can not design a sash for airing at a comfortable distance for the opening, the use of electric or transoms with remote opening.


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