стационарные перегородки


Glass partitions is a frame made of aluminum profile, filling a glass sheet. Glass partitions in aluminum frame is the ability to make your office environment a modern feel....

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Mobile partitions

Mobile partitions are designed to optimize working space. They represent modules of different sizes, which are attached to each other connecting struts in a variety of configurations. Such partitioning is ...

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Раздвижная гармошка


Transformable, folding, sliding, moving so many different ways is called Sliding partitions. Sliding partitions are in demand among customers, as they have one very important advantage over fixed partit...

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Office doors

Office doors in 3 configurations: 1.Steklyannye in an aluminum frame 2.Tselnosteklyannye in a box 3.Tselnosteklyannye Unboxed Glass doors in an aluminum frame. Due to the appearance of harmo...

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