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from 500 mm to 1800 mm (possible to produce modules of non-standard sizes, according to the project requirements)
from 600 mm to 1400 mm
30 mm
AL profiles system
Chipboard, MDF, polycarbonate, sandwich panels, safety glass
Profile Paint in any color to RAL, anodized (silver color), as well as the decoration of the profile under the tree.
up to 15 dB
Application area:
administrative buildings, business centers, shops, hotels, sports facilities
24 months

Mobile partitions are designed to optimize working space. They represent modules of different sizes, which are attached to each other connecting struts in a variety of configurations. Such partitioning is easy to move, dismantle, add new modules, and assemble in the new configuration.

Modules mobile partitions are not fixed to the floor and ceiling. They maintain stability due to its geometry and mounting to countertops and other items of furniture.

Modules help to create jobs each employee, for convenience and efficient operation. This system essentially separates only jobs, but employees are still working in the same space.

 For completing the modules:

  7     6      4
           Deaf           Combined          Transparent

1) Deaf

To fill used MDF, chipboard with aluminum frame,

– On top of the fabric used, which is resistant to sunlight, easy to clean. Under the fabric is enclosed foam, fabric cover enhances the sound absorption.

– Solid vinyl paper, light-fastness and resistant to wear and the formation of mold. And easy to wipe clean,

– Material – MDF, decorated with environmentally friendly dyes acrylic water-based.

– Non-standard materials: cork, leather, veneer, various fabrics, acrylic, composite materials, MDF with plastic, metal sheets, powder painting.

2) Transparent

The transparent portion may be a single, double.

With the use of glass in modules of mobile partitions makes office space more open and illuminated. Glass can be:

– Transparent,

– Film or tinted in the mass,

– Matt,

– Applying a pattern or bands (using film or sandblasting)

– Polycarbonate, translucent plastic

3)Combined, combination of materials that fill the deaf and transparent modules.

The compounds of the modules: Модули перегородки соединяются друг с другом через соединительные стойки по прямой линии, под углом 90 градусов (Г-образные, Т- образные, Х-образные)


Advantages of mobile partitions:

1. Fast to install, can be easily disassembled and assembled in another configuration.

2.Prochnaya design and modern design

3.Nastolnye screens solve a partial problem of visual isolation.

4.Tsvetovaya range partitions can be adjusted to match the office furniture

5.Vozmozhnost embedded socket wiring.

Desktop screens:

Desktop screens visually divide the space between the neighboring tables, creating comfortable working conditions, improve the workplace of each employee. With the help of screens increases efficiency of employees, improving the psychological climate.

Desktop screens visually demarcate the territory of personal independence of employees. Desktop screens are widely used in open plan.

Quickly and easily attached to the table, in the case of redevelopment desktop screens can be dismantled and installed to a new location. Thanks to its special construction, office furniture is not damaged.


height 500 mm, width 600-1400 mm




Attachment to the table using mounting kits.


With the insertion of a monitor

height of 500 mm, a width of 600-1400 mm

insert a monitor at a height of 350 mm.

on average profile and hang up the monitor suspension elements.



-prozrachny, combined.

Attachment to the table using mounting kits.

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