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Office partitions:


– Deaf  от  2050
– Combined  от  2140
– Glass(Aluminum frame)  от  1770
– Glass  от  1800
Mobile  от  1100
Sliding  от  4600
Plumbing  от  950
Office doors
Facade glazing  от  4700
Input group  от 3990
Winter gardens  от  5200
Rolling systems individually
The portal system individually

The price depends on a number of factors

Prices on office partitions are formed of the following criteria:

-decorative elements(film,sandblasting,tinting,shutters, etc.)




-the number of doors in the wall,

-whether additional soundproofing,

from the product dimensions,

-the level of difficulty of its installation.

Price for facade glazing of buildings consists of the following criteria:

– estimated type of work

– the level of complexity of the project,

– view materials

– area of object,

– building type.

The calculation is made individually, so depending on specific factors, the cost of the order can have significant differences.


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